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We help you go from guessing to knowing

Real-time data gives your business the power to make informed decisions, that have a real impact on growth. Data tells you where you have the potential to improve and where you can leverage your lead. 

But securing and aggregating all the right data from your business is complex. Combining and condensing numbers and learnings into actionable insights can be next to impossible. But it is also tremendously valuable. And the right modern and intelligent ERP solution can help you get there. Fast.

Build the basics for boosting your growth

The right ERP solution elevates your ability to forecast and position your business for the future. It can tell you if your products ship on time. If you’re getting paid. Which clients are profitable, and which are unhappy. And so much more.

All this information helps you deliver on all your promises – both to customers and investors. And it sets your business up to grow and evolve faster than the competition.


Meet us

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We are your ERP itm8s.

Across our ecosystem, we’ve helped hundreds of companies transform the way they make decisions, by delivering platforms and systems that provide insights and clarity. 

Our specialists provide access to the leading transformation platforms, as well as experience in implementing the adjustments, that make a real-world difference. And we can do the same for you.


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Meet your ERP itm8.

Emilie Heiredal Sønke

CEO, AddPro Denmark

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