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Cyber Security

Balance the relationship between agile business operations and security across your company’s IT infrastructure. We take a holistic approach to IT security and have all the prerequisites and competencies to protect and manage your company’s IT infrastructure and critical data.

Service Dimensions

In today’s digitalized world, new risks emerge every hour of every day. The ever-changing technology landscape requires your cybersecurity efforts to be dynamic and proactive.

Our services are designed to enable your organization to generate the right insights to identify risks, improve your cyber security maturity, get help when your business is under attack, and ensure you get back to business faster.


Meet us

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Get inspired and obtain new knowledge from one of our specialists.


Gain insight into your risks and let us assess your ability to withstand a cyber attack.


Improve your cyber security maturity and let us take responsibility for increasing your cyber resilience.


Get help when you need it the most – when your business is under attack or right after.

Strategic Cyber Risk Advisory

Get transparency of your risks and match your operational security initiatives to your security competencies, and capabilities.

Service Offerings

Protecting what's current and what's next. Our security offerings provide simplicity, visibility and efficiency across your security infrastructure.

Penetration testing and red teaming

Windows and Active Directory security

Threat hunting and vulnerability discovery

Vulnerability management

SCADA and energy sector

PKI and crypto cracking

Security policy and compliance (CISO as a Service)

Security in outsourcing

Mobile app/device security

Web application security

Linux/UNIX security

Network security

Security architecture and advisory

Maritime security

We are your Cyber Security itm8s.

Partnering with us provides you with the strongest capabilities from our sustainable service ecosystem. We bring the ultimate cybersecurity specialists together in one place, across all our unique brands. No matter your business size, needs, and goals, we can team up, collaborate, and bring the right cybersecurity specialists together to protect and manage your company's IT infrastructure and critical data.


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Meet your Cyber Security itm8.

Martin Kofoed

CEO, Improsec

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