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We convert digital IT services to today's and tomorrow's solutions for transformation. Together.

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A Service Platform designed to create impact. For both our customers and society.

Partnering with us provides you with the strongest capabilities of our service ecosystem. We bring together our powerful IT brands, sustainable IT services and our agile collaboration approach to ensure that we're always able to help reduce environmental footprints and accelerate business outcomes.

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We are dedicated to improving social responsibility actions and to minimizing our climate footprint through our sustainable ecosystem of digital services.

Collaboration ecosystem

Wherever you are in your digital journey, we have the capabilities, from sustainable IT strategy and full-scale transformation to the development of new products and services. Everything is possible through a unique collaboration culture. Our ecosystem is a web of powerful IT brands that work together to create a sustainable, digital-first business.

The ultim8 ecosystem

Cloud Services

Free your business from the costly, complex, and outdated IT infrastructure that is holding you back. Safeguard future scalability and business agility with modern IT infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Digital Transformation

Digitisation can help your business innovate and create greater potential for growth and development. But where is the greatest potential value hidden in your business? We can help you find out, and we can develop solutions that support your business's potential.

Cyber Security

Balance the relationship between agile business operations and security across your company’s IT infrastructure. We take a holistic approach to IT security and have all the prerequisites and competencies to protect and manage your company's IT infrastructure and critical data.

IT Operations

Outsource all or part of your business's IT operations and achieve financial gain and free up resources for development and core business. We are specialists in IT outsourcing and can ensure stable IT operations, high security, monitoring, and 24/7 service desk availability.

Application Services

Secure and fast application performance is essential for maintaining competitive advantage. We provide a flexible approach to managing core systems' functionality for applications, allowing companies to focus on customer success.


Real-time data gives your business the power to make informed decisions, that have a real impact on growth. Data tells you where you have the potential to improve and where you can leverage your lead.

Public Services

Itm8 is a supplier of a wide range of Public Sector Framework Agreements (SKI) within IT Solutions. On these agreements, we can provide specific IT services, just as complex end-to-end solutions, which require a combination of our several agreements.

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