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At itm8, we are dedicated to reducing the amount of waste and promote the circular economy.

We’re always on the lookout for used hardware and office waste – along with good partners so that everything is managed properly.

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How we’re working on reducing waste

To reduce waste and support the circular economy, we’re taking a systematic approach combined with ambitious KPIs.

Our focus is on:

  • Used hardware
  • Office waste

To reach our goals, we’re utilizing data that guarantees future waste processes – within our chosen waste targets. We’re focusing our efforts on both IT hardware and offices.

We’ve put waste recycling management firmly in the spotlight at all our locations and have cooperated with the facilities to set up several waste initiatives. 


Waste initiatives

Our goal is to take actions to prevent waste in the ecosystem and increase recycling.

Therefore, we create and implement initiatives to reduce and recycle. For instance, a plan for further hardware recycling has been put in motion. 


Waste initiatives

Let’s build sustainable IT solutions.

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