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Diversity of thought

At itm8, competencies come before anything else. That’s the only way we can become the best at what we do.

This is why our organization and corporate culture promote Diversity of thought. Here, there’s a place for everyone – regardless of their background.

To become an attractive workplace for everybody in the IT industry, we’re working hard to promote diversity in many different areas.

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Let us give you some insight

How we promote Diversity of thought

Examples of Diversity measures:

  • itm8 will highlight opportunities in our ecosystem to include more candidates.
  • We work for inclusion of young people that are social excluded. 
  • Everybody should have equal opportunities, regardless of their gender, sexuality, age, health – or anything else that could hinder an objective assessment of competencies.
  • Managers must ensure that their teams are built on the basis of different skillsets, not similar ones. 
  • We will engage in ongoing dialogue regarding diversity with internal stakeholders
  • We are to increase the number of women in itm8

Goal: more partnerships

Together, we are stronger

We continuously enter into partnerships with external partners who support and motivate us to promote Diversity of Thought even more extensively.

Diversity and more partnerships are goals.

We commit ourselves

The Diversity Pact

We have joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s “Diversity Pact”, which is designed to promote more diversity and inclusion in Danish businesses. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the conditions for creating diversity and inclusion in the Danish labor market 

Read more about it here: The Diversity Pact

In itm8, we have committed ourselves to focus on further change and improving the framework for diversity and inclusion in itm8 by working on concrete actions. 

Specifically, we will be transparent about relevant minorities in itm8, make sure to communicate about our role models, ensure that talent is encouraged, and work on unconscious bias.

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The pact includes a number of principles that itm8 is working diligently on:

The principle of inclusion – and what it means to us

  • Inclusion must be integrated with itm8’s identity and mindset.
  • We must train our managers on the importance of diversity and inclusion. 
  • We must all be aware of our own preconceived attitudes – for example, on the educational background of other people. For us, diversity is all about people and behavior; not about systems, processes, and tools.

The food chain principle – and what it means to us

  • We must continue to ensure that new talented people join itm8 – and we must attract, maintain, develop, and promote managerial talent.
  • On-the-job training for students must continue, and new student internships must be created throughout the entire company.
  • We must initiate mentorship programs.

The role model principle – and what it means to us

  • We must inspire ourselves and others by showcasing our diversity.
  • We intend to communicate more about itm8's role models both externally and internally through social media and other relevant channels.

The principle of governance – and what it means to us

  • We must evaluate whether the competence profile of the current Board of Directors is diverse enough. All relevant candidates must be considered on equal terms.

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