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CO2e emissions

itm8 is actively working on reducing the IT industry’s CO2e footprint.

Our initiatives are focused on three important areas:

  • Data centers
  • Facilities
  • Transportation

Targeted goals ensure ongoing reduction of CO2e consumption in each area.

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This is how we work to reduce our CO2e footprint

At itm8, we have applied a data-based approach. To ensure transparency, we make sure that each itm8 brand is provided with its own dedicated environmental report. CO2e calculations are internally used to prioritize, identify, and monitor areas of improvement. We measure itm8's CO2e emissions on a monthly basis for selected areas and thereby set targets that we can easily monitor.

In 2021, we measured our CO2e footprint within Scopes 1 and 2 (direct and indirect emissions). In 2022, we worked on strengthening the data collection within Scope 1, 2 and 3. Simultaneously, our knowledge foundation expanded making us able to improve our baseline. In 2023 we will continue to broaden our scope 3 calculations. Read more about Scopes and definitions here (only in Danish).

We’re constantly focused on optimizing the electricity consumption of our data centers – and lowering CO2e emissions as much as possible. Furthermore, we’ve been consolidating our data centers, so customers experience better solutions while we simultaneously cut back on our CO2e emissions. We measure the CO2e emissions from our own data centers and in 2022 we began to also include the emissions from external data centers within our Scope 3 calculations.


itm8 is naturally also focused on optimizing the efficiency of the data centers, improving any synergistic effects, and lowering CO2e emissions in general through technological improvements and consolidation.

For example, we modernized our data center in Viby. Everything was replaced, and it made a real impact to upgrade our data centers with extra generators, new lighting, a new cooling system, etc. 

Our goal is to identify new measures that eventually can make the data centers CO2e-neutral. With this in mind, we’re taking a closer look at how much energy the technology uses and how much CO2e it generates.

We’re working on optimizing our office facilities, e.g., by ensuring attractive locations where every square meter and consumption in the premises are used optimally – and where it's easy for employees to get to and from work on a bicycle or public transportation.


Furthermore, we have prioritized to combine several of our brands within the office buildings and thereby making it possible to close office buildings where square meters weren’t used properly.  Additionally, we have in 2022 educated employees by communicating internally on how we as employees can help save energy within the office facilities.

We’re actively involved in #GreenMobility to ensure that our cars spend less miles on the road. The important thing is that by calculating the emissions from our company vehicles we now have an improved overview of how we as employees transport ourselves and thereby, we can now take actions to target high emission areas within transportation.


This includes encouraging and supporting online Teams meetings, more widespread carpooling, and cycling campaigns.

Long-term goals

We’re heading toward CO2e neutrality

Data ensures transparency. And our experience tells us that is also encourages positive behavioral changes.  

But that is not all. Data is equally important in the long run to help us comply with the CO2e targets from the Paris Agreement and the EU.

At itm8, we’re currently developing a governance model to support these goals, and our ambition is to sign up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Co2e reduction is a goal.

measurable effect on improvement

CO2e is calculated across the value chain

itm8 is taking responsibility for the business's impact on the environment. In order to ensure that initiatives and actions have a measurable effect on improvement, we cooperate closely with our value chain – customers and suppliers alike.

Every year, we measure our CO2e emissions and calculate improvements in a dedicated environmental report.

The calculations for 2022 are listed below.

Data centers


reduction t/CO2e



reduction t/CO2e



increase t/CO2e*

Renewable energy



* Comment to transport increase: As seen transport has increased with 22,9% t/CO2e in 2022. This must be set into perspective of the fact that in 2021, covid-19 had a large effect on our way of doing business. Therefore in 2022 there is seen a significant increase on our transportation because we went back to our normal way of doing business.

Download the full report from 2021-2022 

Upcoming legislation

itm8 is required to report on environmental impact following the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in 2025 (the financial year 2024). 

This means that itm8 must present an annual sustainability report, including a detailed overview of CO2e emissions from the business.

Therefore, we prioritize actions to find the required data for CO2e calculations, preparing itm8 for the upcoming CSRD. 

You can find our annual reports here.

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Greenhouse Gas Protocol

itm8 follows the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, which is the leading standard for calculating carbon footprint. This provides a consistent means of calculating a company’s total impact on the environment.

Read more about the Greenhouse Gas Protocol here.

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