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Digital responsibility

Sustainability is a new way of perceiving business. It is a new business opportunity - and a shared responsibility.

At itm8, we have an ambition to become the most responsible company within the IT industry.

Dedicated to sustainability


Our Sustainability department is diligently working on drafting strategic initiatives that can be implemented at our parent company and subsidiaries alike – as well as throughout the rest of the world.

They also initiate a wide variety of specific measures that daily bring responsibility at the forefront of our business and everyday work life. 

At itm8, we believe it is important to incorporate our sustainable strategy into our general business strategy. In doing so, we are closer to making the required changes.

Line and Amalie ensure that every employee in itm8 knows exactly how to make both yours and our own business more sustainable and responsible – always based on facts and figures. At itm8, we make changes from your data. And data alone.

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Responsibility — our three focus areas

Our own responsibility

itm8 is working with selected areas of responsibility, namely initiatives within three areas:


IT companies leave a significant CO2e footprint on the planet. We shrink our footprint by working closely with data centers, facilities, and shipping to minimize our CO2e emissions.

Read more about Co2e


itm8 focuses its efforts on reducing the amount of waste and promoting the circular economy. We’re always on the lookout for used hardware, food waste, and recycled furniture – along with good partners to ensure that everything is managed properly.

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Diversity of thought

itm8 aims to employ people with top skills and competencies. That is why we must be an attractive workplace for everyone in the IT industry regardless of their background. This requires us to keep an open mind at all times in order to promote diversity of thought.

Read more about Diversity

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Data centers, waste, leased assets, employee commuting, and the list goes on.

There is so much to measure and initiate. That is why we’re focusing on the entire value chain – at our customers and in our own facilities. You can count on us to always hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards – and to constantly think and act responsibly while still delivering exactly what you need.

With the right tools, we can calculate how much CO2e your IT department is emitting. We look at hardware, such as servers, storage, and networking equipment – including your specialized equipment.

Why do we go to the trouble? Well, for many companies, IT accounts for a sizable proportion of their CO2e emissions. Maybe also yours? 

Even small changes can have a massive impact on your CO2e account. Let us help you uncover the environmental impact of your IT processes – so you can build a solid foundation for sustainable optimization.

In brief: We can give you an overview of what’s going on and help improve your business’s accountability when it comes to IT.

Responsible digital people 

Meet Line and Amalie. The faces of all of us here at itm8. Together with you and your business, we can make the world a better place.

Economist Line Blauenfeldt Nielsen

Business Development & Sustainability Manager

Line Nielsen, Business Development & Sustainability Manager at itm8

Engineer Amalie Brinks Andersen

Sustainability Coordinator 

Amalie Andersen, Sustainability Agent at itm8

“Responsibility is a hard-core business. Everything we act on is based on cold, hard facts.”

Line Blauenfeldt Nielsen, Business Development & Sustainability Manager

Responsibility - today, tomorrow, together


The size of itm8 allows us to make efficient environmental changes, including social responsibility and building governance structures. 

All of it to make a positive impact on customers and the society.

Doing our part. Today. 

itm8 carries out a wide range of initiatives. Our ambitious and targeted KPIs ensure continuous progress – every day, every month, and every year. 

For example, itm8 reduced its total CO2e footprint thanks to initiatives centered around data centers and facilities. We cut back on waste by focusing on used hardware and office waste. Also, we daily promote a culture that encourages diversity of thought.

Other initiatives include: 

  • Taking a data-based approach to ensure accurate results.
  • Improving the sustainability of itm8’s own corporate facilities, vehicles, etc.
  • Following the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, which is the leading standard for calculating the carbon footprint.
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Doing our part. Tomorrow.

We work to promote responsibility in all our partnerships. E.g., purchased goods & services, capital goods, fuel & energy related activities, transportation & distribution, waste generated in the value chain, and leased data centers.  

In order to make sure initiatives and actions have a measurable effect on improvement, we collaborate closely with our value chain – customers and suppliers alike. 

Naturally, we also keep a close eye on upcoming legislation in order to implement any new requirements – and to be proactive when it comes to new and impending laws being passed either by the Danish government or by the EU. 

Also here, we work towards signing up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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Making a difference for people and the planet. Together.

Our strength is our community. We are continuously implementing vital initiatives across all sister companies. We share our experiences and results – and make rapid progress.

At the same time, we enter into a number of important partnerships. For example, we’ve signed the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity Pact and the UN Global Compact.

We are always looking to join more worthwhile causes along with customers, co-workers, or business partners who share our ambition of becoming the most socially responsible company in the IT industry. We can only reach this goal if we aren’t afraid of expecting a lot of our partners – and help one another.

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10 principles and 17 global goals

UN Global Compact

itm8 has signed up to the UN Global Compact – the largest voluntary initiative for responsible companies in the world. 

Based on 10 principles and 17 global goals, the initiative aims to both inspire and facilitate companies’ social responsibility work. 

itm8 benefits from knowledge sharing, inspiration, and tools that enable us to work diligently toward the following obligations: to integrate universal human rights principles, worker rights, and environmental and anti-corruption principles into our strategic plans and operations as well as do our part to help achieve the compact’s global goals.

Let’s build sustainable IT solutions.

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