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We are more than 1,100 people working together as true itm8s. By the way, we're still counting, if you could be interested in joining us.

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We work really hard to create impact for our customers. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

But not without the laughs, the pranks, the good food, the kids, the yoga and all the other good stuff.

Group Areas

Call us if you want to become part of a global, gamechanging company within IT and digital transformation.

Henrik Kastbjerg

Group CEO

+45 2069 6700

Helle Madsen

Group PA

+45 3070 9718

Claus Sommer

Head of Group Transformation and M&A

+45 2999 2431

Stig Bundgaard

Head of Impact team

+45 2560 0667

Mikael Kjærgaard

CFO, Group Finance

+45 2965 8322

Anders Kaag

CTO, Group Procurement

+45 6162 6862

Henrik Hyldgaard

Strategic & Creative Director

+45 2082 2805

Impact Team

Call us if you would like to have an impact session, where we locate your company's improvement potential and future IT needs. Together.

Explore why you should call us

Stig Bundgaard

Head of Impact Team
Partner – Advisory Services

+45 2560 0667

Troels Gammelgaard

Partner – Advisory Services

+45 5385 3148

Thomas Møller Jensen

Partner – Advisory Services

+45 3037 5580

M&A Team and Group Transformation

Call us if you run a great company and want it to become even greater, no matter the country or service specialization. We are expanding globally.

Claus Sommer

Partner – Head of Group Transformation and M&A

+45 2999 2431

Henrik Therkildsen

ACQuisitions Manager

+45 3057 8929

Mads Monrad-Gylling

M&A and Business Analyst

+45 2255 1189

Brand Managers

Call us if you want to talk about our specialized services. We talk about IT all the time.

Let’s build today’s and tomorrow’s IT.

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