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13th September 2022

A close collaboration becomes even closer: Meyers takes over itm8’s canteen operation with focus on health, taste, and sustainability

From October 1, Meyers will take over itm8’s canteen operation on select locations, bringing even higher professionalism and love of food to the table. Itm8 already has a loyal and long-standing collaboration with Løgismose Meyers – but now, they become even closer. With focus on taste, quality, health, and not least sustainability, Meyers will enroll and onboard the current canteen staff in their ways – and together create an ambitious canteen setup with a minimal impact on the planet.

Itm8’s canteens will soon be serving breakfast and lunch from Meyers’ menu. With more than 30 years’ experience in providing tasteful and healthy lunches for Danish businesses, Meyers will bring a high level of professionalism, know-how, and inspiration to the canteen staff. For many years, itm8 has had a close collaboration with Meyers – not only as an IT supplier, but also as a loyal customer in special occasions when needing to acquire wine, Christmas presents etc. Now, the collaboration will expand even further with common goals and ambitions for a healthy and sustainable canteen operation in itm8.

A recipe of taste, health, and ecology

As a concept, Meyers brings the gastronomic experience at the forefront alongside nutritious and organic foods, prepared by proficient people with a fine-tuned sense of taste. Meyers aims to elevate the employee experience with tasty and heathy meals while maintaining an ambitious level of sustainability.

Sustainability as a common goal

Meyers and itm8 know each other very well and share many goals – one of them being sustainability. Meyers distributes their sustainability effort within the areas of e.g., climate, biodiversity, animal welfare, and inclusion. As an example, they aim for an ambitious 50% CO2 reduction of food consumption by 2030 to reduce their climate footprint. Itm8 is dedicated to a similar cause and fully support their initiatives.  
In addition, Meyers has worked with ecology for more than two decades and considers ecology as an important part of a holistic approach to sustainability. Thus, the produce handled in the kitchen is mostly organic – the goal is to reach the silver mark of 60-90%.

Ambition and professionalism that benefit the canteen staff

When Meyers takes over the canteen operation, the current canteen staff will concurrently transfer to Meyers, becoming part of their ambitious and professional setting, where quality ingredients, healthy recipes, and organic foods are placed at the center. They will have plenty of opportunities to spar with the kitchen staff at Meyers as well as gather inspiration and upgrade their skills through ongoing courses. 

About Meyers 

Meyers Canteens were founded by Claus Meyer in 1999 and offer award-winning lunch solutions for businesses. Taste, love of food, quality, ecology, and health are the foundation of the gastronomy of Meyers Canteens. Throughout the years, they have developed strong collaborations with leading private companies and public institutions in Denmark. Today, they serve many private and public companies within the fields of pharma, consulting, IT, finance, engineering, professional services, and highly specialized manufacturing throughout the country. 

Meyers likewise offers catering, cooking classes, teambuilding, arrangement of events, and food counselling as well as runs several restaurants and bakeries in Denmark. 

Read more about Meyers on their homepage:

Further information

For further information, please contact Facility Service Manager in itm8, Mette M. Barslund, at mobile +45 6140 4761 or e-mail