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5th September 2022

itm8’s new Impact Team is ready to match customers with the right IT solution

With the addition of two strong profiles, itm8’s Impact Team is now even better prepared for matching customers with the right services across the entire itm8 palette. Functioning as Group Sales, the Impact Team can be defined as a task force with the purpose of helping the customers find the best IT solution across the itm8 companies.

As of today, a new and empowered Impact Team has been established. Chief Sales Executive in the Impact Team, Thomas Møller Jensen, has welcomed two strong and well-known profiles to the task force. Joining the Impact Team are Mickey Soussah, former CEO in Cloud Teams, and Lars, former Sales Manager in IT Relation. The team is now a three-man army ready to make an impact.

- "Being a house of brands, itm8 combines the agility of the entrepreneur with the strength, security, and reliability of the IT giant. And the Impact Team has been established to help the customers take full advantage of this unique constellation”, Thomas Møller Jensen states.

An impartial “matchmaker”

Acting as an impartial “matchmaker”, the Impact Team will introduce potential new customers to the complete itm8 portfolio and thereby ensure the best possible match.

- "Our most important task is to help the customers mix and match services across the sister companies to meet their needs. The customers are free to choose from the entire service catalogue”, Thomas says.

The customer’s strategic advisor

As an unbiased unit in itm8, the Impact Team will function as the customer’s strategic partner, advising on the most optimal solution for the customer’s business.

- "We do all the hard lifting. With itm8s unique constellation, we change the way IT services are delivered today. The customers no longer need to ‘shop around’", Thomas states.

Further information

Thomas Møller, CEO
Tel.: +45 3037 5580