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This is Miracle 42

Miracle 42 are experts within Oracle, SQL, and Open Source databases. They represent our powerful Professional Services business unit.

At Miracle 42, you can meet the best team of consultants, as well as have access to top-quality tools for development, monitoring and operation of complex databases. But first, and foremost, you will meet individual human beings.

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Miracle 42 is the IT-experts that offers you a 360-degree IT-services. We help our customers optimizing their processes and workflows with IT and our specialists secures a well-functioning database environment and applications with operation, development, and testing. 

Database Administration
The data is your company’s most critical and vulnerable assets and the need for a well-functioning database environment should be a priority. With Miracle 42’s Managed Service Center you will have access to some of the best Database Administrators in the Nordic Region. We understand what it takes to straighten the stability of your most critical databases and secure the daily operation, high availability and uptime with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. In other words – your database environment is in good hands with Miracle 42.

Test and QA
Our Test Managers collaborate with the customer management to plan a test strategy, and avoid delays and errors during implementation of new applications or IT systems. Close monitoring secures a safe process and happy customers!

Technology consulting
We are ready to be involved in and take responsibility for our customers’ IT projects, from design and optimization to performance tuning and upgrades. We ensure quick and effective implementation via structured processes and methods. We stay until the very end.

Flexible workforce

A unique combination of permanent staff and freelance consultants offers a long line of specialists within:

  • Application development
  • Infrastructure
  • Test & QA
  • Project management
  • Implementation 
  • Operation
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Meet our CEO at Miracle 42

Johnny Klostergaard

CEO, Miracle 42

+45 5374 7248

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