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This is Improsec

Improsec is a leading independent cybersecurity company with unmatched technical capabilities.

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We specialize in pragmatic IT security. Our company name is a contraction of what we do – we improve security. We make the world a safer and better place. We advise companies on prioritizing and implementing organizational and technical solutions that improve security. 

We do so through our three guiding principles:

We are 100 % independent
We give advice straight from the heart (and brain), to the true benefit of our clients.

We take active responsibility
We stand shoulder-to-shoulder and help our clients get the right things done, improve resilience, and increase their maturity in cyber security.

We have the best technical capabilities
We can actually do the things we say we can do. We are specialists, not generalists.

Specialist expertise

Penetration testing and red teaming

Windows and Active Directory security

Threat hunting and vulnerability discovery

Vulnerability management

SCADA and energy sector

PKI and crypto cracking

Security policy and compliance (CISO as a Service)

Security in outsourcing

Mobile app/device security

Web application security

Linux/UNIX security

Network security

Security architecture and advisory

Maritime security

Meet our CEO at Improsec

Jakob Heidelberg

CEO, Improsec

+45 3131 5337

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