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Our impact

Everything you do leaves an impact.
Let's make it a positive one.

At itm8, we’re pushing the boundaries within four business-critical areas: Cloud Services, Digital Transformation, Application Services, and Cyber Security

Every brand in our group brings something special to the table. Offering best-of-breed technologies within their domain. They’re awesome, each and every one.

Say hi to the Impact Team.

Across the brands, you’ll find us. The Impact Team. We are a task force with the purpose of helping our customers find the best IT solution across the itm8 group.

Being a house of brands, itm8 combines the agility of the entrepreneur with the strength, security, and reliability of the IT giant.
The Impact Team has been established to help our customers take full advantage of this unique constellation.

Thomas Møller Jensen


+45 3037 5580

Lars Pind

Sales Executive - Impact Team

+45 2174 8540

When complexity is high and the stakes are higher, we rise to the occasion. That’s why you should work with us when things are getting difficult. 

Man stading in a hallway with his mobile phone.
IT people working together in a workshop.

Let’s help you within these three areas.


Tenders – both private and public.

We know all about the certifications, the mechanisms to move forward – and we have the size to meet all needs.


High complexity projects.

When we understand customer needs, we’ll set up the perfect team mixing competencies across our specialised service platform to solve complex and comprehensive challenges.


Coaching and facilitating.

We help you answer strategic business challenges enabling you to offer higher customer value.

Make sure to leave a positive impact.

That’s who we are. In a world of complexity, our job is easy to understand: We’re helping big companies to leave a positive impact with IT.

We can’t wait to help you too.

Thomas Møller Jensen


+45 3037 5580 

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Let's make an impact. Together