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Driving positive impacts on people and planet through digital sustainability.

We are ambitious about minimizing our negative impact and maximizing our positive impact on employees, customers, and society. We're just getting started.

Sustainability is a new way of perceiving business. It is a new business opportunity, as well as a societal mandate.

Sustainable commitments

We are committed to our journey towards building a more sustainable future. Step-by-step, we are continuously searching for innovative and sustainable solutions to keep making a positive impact on people and the planet.

Our commitments:

  • Conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical way 
  • Develop measures that ensure the health and safety of our employees
  • Respect the human rights of employees – this applies to our employees, our suppliers and the communities where we operate
  • Minimize our company’s impact on the environment by tracking and measuring our CO2 emissions
  • Respect, engage with and support the communities and cultures we are part of
  • Gender diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities for everyone


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A more sustainable platform in Cloud

Technology is one of the key pillars of how we can meet climate challenges. We believe in a cloud-based infrastructure as one of the major environmental actions. The cloud has driven financial, security, and agility benefits, but sustainability is becoming a new imperative.

Environmental impact

At itm8, we acknowledge the risks associated with climate change and commit to enabling a low-carbon economy. For this reason, we measure our carbon footprint to focus on our impact on climate change and to be able to launch initiatives to improve our energy efficiency.

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Smarter, more efficient data centers

Data centers play a significant role in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. This is a role that we are extremely aware of. We have worked intensively to optimize and consolidate our data centers and reduce power consumption in the past years.

Inclusive and diverse culture 

At itm8, we consider everyone we work for or with as a teammate, regardless of social identity. We believe in gender diversity as an imperative for maintaining competitiveness in the market and for securing impact and innovation.

Supply chain responsibility

Any supplier doing business with us must commit to the UN Declaration of Human Rights. We actively monitor our supply chain and aim to work with recognized suppliers who are transparent to ensure that no one is breaching human rights.

Protection of personal data

We recognise the importance of keeping our employees' and our customers’ data safe. Our privacy statement provides transparency on how we deal with and protect personal data in the best way possible.

Let’s build sustainable IT solutions.

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